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This brief test is designed to help you assess your knowledge level and determine if our Financial for Non-Financial Professionals program might be useful. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. You can leave an answer blank or take a guess. After selecting your answer to each question, click the Next button to advance.

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T/C button to bring up a table of contents; click again to hide.

At the end of the test there is a button to submit your test and show you the results. Please note that the scoring module may not work with all browsers or corporate firewalls. Please contact us if you’d like a personalized review of your answers.

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Exit button will end the test without scoring it, and your progress will not be saved, so normally you would not use this button until you have seen and printed or saved your results.

Glossary button, which brings up a financial glossary, is disabled for this test. You can access the glossary from the link after you exit the test.

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