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World Financial Markets

This one-day program (two days if more detail is desired) is designed to give participants a broad overview of the world’s major financial markets, the instruments, the participants, and the relationships between the markets.

Major topics include:

Markets (money markets, capital markets, domestic vs. euromarkets, FX and the euro, derivatives)

Participants (broker/dealers, traders, underwriters, investors, issuers)

Instruments (exchange-traded vs. OTC, treasury bills, notes, bonds, commercial paper, corporate bonds and notes, eurobonds)

Trading (dealing, position-taking, market-making, bid and offer, arbitrage)

Settlement (funds settlement -Fedwire, CHIPS, CHAPS, SWIFT, TARGET II, CLS, etc.; securities settlement -FBE, DTCC, Clearstream, Euroclear, etc.)

Risks and risk management (credit risk, interest rate risk, operational risk, FX risk, settlement risk, etc., limits, netting, clearinghouses, DVP/PVP, Basel II/III)

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